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Microsoft Robotics

Microsoft Announces Robotics Studio
Microsoft announces the Microsoft Robotics Studio, which offers end-to-end robotics development environment customer technical preview for hobbyist, academic, and commercial developers. (June 20, Announcement)

Channel 9 Interviews the Microsoft Robotics Studio Team Channel 9 Interviews the Microsoft Robotics Studio Team
See Microsoft Robotics Studio demos first hand and listen in as Channel9 interviews the Robotics team. (June 20, Announcement)

A Letter from Tandy Trower, General Manager, Microsoft Robotics Group A Letter from Tandy Trower, General Manager, Microsoft Robotics Group
Tandy Trower has a 24 year history with new products and technology initiatives at Microsoft bringing to market new products as diverse as Microsoft Flight Simulator to Microsoft Windows. Read his take on the robotics industry and the new Microsoft Robotics Studio. (June 20, Announcement)

Featured Third Parties

Microsoft featured the following third-party demos at RoboBusiness 2006.

Coroware Coroware
Coroware, an Innova Holdings company, showed its Surveyor robot that can be remotely operated or programmed to run semi-autonomously for surveillance applications.

Kuka Kuka
KUKA Roboter showed a lightweight robot prototype controlled via a remote joystick service, using Microsoft Robotics Studio-based services.

Robosoft Robosoft
Robosoft showed its six-wheeled RoboROC6 robot capable of autonomous navigation across difficult terrain, which highlighted how a distributed architecture could be easily controlled via the Microsoft Robotics Studio runtime.

Robotics Connection Robotics Connection
Robotics Connection featured a tracked Windows XP-based robot utilizing one of their Serializer .NET Robot Controller boards, using Robotics Studio-based services.

WhiteBox Robotics WhiteBox Robotics
WhiteBox Robotics showed a telepresence scenario featuring its 914 PC-BOT. The 914 was controlled via a Robotics Studio driven Web-based interface, accessible remotely over a network.

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